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Vision 800

        Has anyone out there graded Kodak's new Vision 800?  Any =
comments on its quality and price?

Video Post Manila

I recently did a test on the 800 stock.  The reason for he test was to
extend the shooting day for cars shot in snow .  My first reaction was do
not be off on your exposure.  The correct exposure produced grain that I
could cover fairly well with the noise reducer.  One stop over really
started to pickup the grain quickly.  One stop under was about as far as you
could go to get acceptable grain. 

After a discussion with the DP we decided not to go with the 800 because of
the great exposure variations at the end of the day.  To go from
underexposed to overexposed in the late afternoon light , with all of the
reflections from snow,  would bring out the worst of the film.

Frank Smith 
GTN  Oak Park Michigan

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