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education and getting started in telecine

I thought it might be useful for students to get a little history of
colorists and see what paths their careers really took to lead to their
current positions.

I start in taking photography college while my major was in broadcasting.

After college I joined the Army and went through the photo school in Fort
Monmouth NJ..  I spent the rest of my Army time shooting stills and working
in a photo lab.  This lab experience (at tax payer expense) gave me my start
analyzing color.  

When my Army time was over I worked as a film timer on a Hazeltine for 5
years in a motion picture lab.  Moving from film timing to telecine was a
natural progression.  During my 17 years I have had a gradual transition
from an old Rank Mark III to a FDL 60 to a FDL 90(Quadra) and currently a
Spirit.  This gradual transition helped me because I am not an engineer.  I
have never worked in a broadcast facility or in any post house capacity
expect film transfer.   

My broadcasting major has always been a great foundation for all my
different career moves but was not the reason that I got any particular job.
I believe my involvement in Photography in some capacity my whole working
life did lead to my current situation.

I would be interested to find out the history of some of the other colorists
and maybe by passing your stories along some students could benifit by your

Frank Smith
GTN  Oak Park Michigan

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