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Re: passion,conceit,picture making fun

At 12:54 PM 12/21/98 -0800, you wrote:

>Yes, Craig, confidence is essential in being a good colorist, but too many
>times we really can be cocky and conceited, and it doesn't help us to do our
>jobs in any way.  There is fine line that when crossed  can turn confidence
>and pride into to just plain rudeness and a condescending attitude.  If I were
>a DP or director and I had my choice between working with two different fine
>colorists, with equal talents, and one was pleasant and affable with a good
>sense of humor, the other a conceited a-hole with a "savior attitude", it
>wouldn't take a genius to figure out who I would book my sessions with. 

I agree that one of a colorists greatest assets can be his demeanor. In the
midwest, at least,
blatant arrogance and condescension are not easily tolerated. People have no
taste for it. I was speaking more to my own personal lament that clients
sometimes do noy realize the difference between trying to help educate them
and excuse making or bullshitting. I love the film making process; I've shot
film and I really love bring an image to completeness in telecine. To Basil
-  who said commercials are not film making; OK - I'm naive and silly --
sorry you're so jaded. I'm also frustrated by the general attitude I see in
many colorists I meet that the only thing relavent to color correction is
how much money you make, how fast you can go, and who you know... all well
and good, but what about what we really do? are we just merely a necessity
for converting film to video?  Or are we really responsible for a lot more?
OK, taking myself too seriously?  Sure, but I chose this profession - this
LIFEstyle,  because I wanted to be involved in picture making - not for any
other reason. So if I pass along a thing or two to my clients about how the
film on the machine "feels" or what I think the exposure might be under, and
that it's hindering us slightly -- most of them get it, and appreciate it.
It's the ones that come up out of the blue that you haven't worked with
much, that believe they "know film"
that will get you in trouble - that's the client that will mistake a gesture
of sharing knowledge as condecension or conceit, and it just makes me tired
to know that whatever your successes, that client is just around the corner....

>course we need to educate our clients from time to time, but they will be far
>more likely to listen and learn something if we approach them with a little
>humility and respect, rather than an attitude that we are some geniuses who
>are going to teach the idiots what they need to know.  There is indeed a lot
>that we have to contend with, including a constant learning curve with new
>technology and equipment, but we must always be on guard against taking
>ourselves and our careers too seriously, lest we lose the whole point of doing
>what we do;  having fun and making a ton of money doing it.  

If by using the words passion and confidence it seemed like I don't like to
have fun; I appologize -
fun is my middle name ( Actually it's Martini but I changed it to fun after
a really bad hangover).

>PS  I am speaking in general terms here and in no way mean to imply that the
>original author (Craig Leffel) is conceited or condescending.

Thank you for the disclaimer Phil - It's seems my other colleagues are
assuming the worst.

>PPS  I must admit though that we are very cool on the West Coast. :)

You sure are -- but I've got a Spirit and a 2K coming, so I can only hope
that I'm at least moving in the general direction of cool -- ( maybe it's
the east coast I should look toward - besides Chicago I think it's the
highest per capita placement of Spirits anywhere -- I could be wrong too)....

Happy knob twiddling,
chappy cholidays,


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