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RE: Color in 'digital cinema' projection

	Chuck Harrison wrote:

	> Will you have to make a separate transfer tweaked for best
	> on each projector design (not unlike a transfer targeted to
CCIR709 vs
	> SMPTE phosphors)? Or do we try to standardize on a "least common
	> denominator" color space that stunts the development of improved
	> wide-gamut projection technology?

	Separate telecine transfers for each projector type seems pretty
unlikely; we're already
	trying to avoid multiple transfers as it is.  My guess is that
digital projectors would have
	a selectable input matrix to make them emulate a chosen phosphor
type.  If the digital
	projectors have a wide enough color gammut, it won't be a problem to
emulate whatever
	phosphor was used as a reference for the telecine transfer.
	Even better, the metadata standards now taking shape for DTV would
handle this process.
	There are metadata types that define the colorimetry of the video
material (i.e. 709, 
	SMPTE 170, SMPTE 240). When standards are in common use, all of our
	matching problems will go away (insert big laugh here).

	Hans Lehmann
	Encore Hollywood

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