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RE: Color in 'digital cinema' projection

	Michael C. Kaye wrote:
	> Do you mean like the NTSC matrix switches on monitors that no one
	> could figure out what it was for?

	Yup, and those color temperature switches on computer monitors.

	> > If the digital projectors have a wide enough color gammut, it
won't be
	> > a problem to emulate whatever phosphor was used as a reference
	> > for the telecine transfer.
	> A big "if".  Film has far better color reproduction than a tri
	> system.

	Digital projectors probably won't reach the color gammut available
from projected
	film. at least not for a while.  The idea here was just to make the
output from
	manufacturer A's projector look similar to that of manufacturer B's,
even though
	they're displaying transfers done from two different phosphors

	Hans Lehmann
	Encore Hollywood

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