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Re: Color in 'digital cinema' projection

Randy K. Reck wrote:
>         Michael C. Kaye wrote:
>         ...Film has far better color reproduction than a tri color
> >  system.
> > There go those nice greens and cyans.
> >
> >
>         Isn't film itself a tri color system of sorts? I'm all for keeping
> nice colors, however. I have my own list of favorites. If we keep cropping
> the tristimulus chromaticity chart, our grand kids will be watching black &
> white. (that would solve all kinds of bandwidth problems)  (!)
>         Randy Reck
>         Chief Lightbulb Changer
>         Encore Santa Monica

There seems to some confusion here about color gamuts that I would like
to clear up. 

1. ALL color reproduction systems use three primaries but there are two
methods by which the colors are reproduced. The first is the familiar
red, green and blue additive color reproduction system thatis used by
color monitors. Then there is the system used by all common photographic
materials - the subtractive color reproduction system which uses cyan,
magenta and yellow dyes. There are no red, green and blue dyes in film. 

2. Each color reproduction system has its own unique color gamut that is
a sub-set of the entire color gamut the the human visual system can
perceive. The "big" problem is how do you represent colors that appear
in one system but are not avaliable in the other? This is not a terribly
difficult problem, however. Each software and hardware vendor has his
own ideas on how to deal with the problem that is naturally better then
what anybody else is doing which makes the Tower of Babel seem seem like
a minor communications problem.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all!!!!!

Alec Greenfield 

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