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Color in 'digital cinema' projection

Randy K. Reck wrote:

>         Isn't film itself a tri color system of sorts?

Well, I was going to say no, but then you threw me with
the "of sorts" part. :>)

The film (I hate people that say, "fill-em") produces a wide
color gamut well outside of even the NTSC color triangle.
It does not conform to a specific triangle as such and even
varies its shape with exposure.  I suppose we could say its part
of the many unique photochemical qualities of film that make it
so hard to replicate electronically.

> I'm all for keeping nice colors, however. I have my own list of
> favorites. If we keep cropping the tristimulus chromaticity chart,
> our grand kids will be watching black & white.

Black and what?

> (that would solve all kinds of bandwidth problems)  (!)

>         Randy Reck
>         Chief Lightbulb Changer

Xenon, or the old fashioned green phosphor type?

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