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Re: legacy transfers

Rob Lingelbach wrote:
> One comes to DVD with an expectation of high quality, and in this I
> was very disappointed.  The artifacts of a decade-old film transfer
> were extremely obvious: video noise, phosphor patterning, tube dirt,
> horizontal weave, ringing (afterglow problem?), lack of resolution,
> lack of color separation.  At times I wished I didn't have DVD's
> advantages over VHS: tape would have masked some of these problems.

It is a shame that the studios and producers of some the the older films that
are going to DVD don't opt to re-transfer before DVD mastering.  I suspect
that some will come out later as "special editions" that have been
re-transferred and have subsequently higher price tags.  What bothers me about
a picture like Spinal Tap, which is one my favorites and I own the DVD, is
that it's touted as a "Collector's Edition", and was pretty damn expensive.  I
does contain a lot of extras, but these don't make up for the poor image quality.

My guess is that the owners of these older titles will continue to give us
lousy quality until we demand otherwise.  As long as we keep buying them,
they'll keep giving us old transfers.

Phil Voss

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