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Re: Re: legacy transfers

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<<It is a shame that the studios and producers of some the the older films
are going to DVD don't opt to re-transfer before DVD mastering.  I suspect
that some will come out later as "special editions" that have been
re-transferred and have subsequently higher price tags.>>

I have a friend who is (to borrow an English/Manchester expression) Mad for
DVD. He also has a large collection of Laser Disk. We found that he had
"American Graffitti" on both formats, and ran them in sync with each other.
They looked different, and it could have been that American Graffitti was
retransfered for the DVD. It looked really good, and had less "noise" than the
laser disk. I also noticed in bouncing between the two images ( on the same
monitor), that there was less detail in the DVD than in the Laser disk. This
is not meant to dammage anyone's reputation, just something I noticed. I'm
thinking it has to do with the compression scheme of Mpeg. 

Steven Gladstone
Cinematographer at large

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