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Legacy Transfers

In regards to older "collector edition"transfers,as a consultant to several
Studios, Independent Producers and Worldwide Distributors,I run into the
problem quite frequently as of late, the amount being paid for the re-release,
in most cases,
"Upfront monies "do not warrant or justify the cost of a new transfer, I find
that most companies are paying approximately $25/50,000 for re-release and
they view it as a limited market, most opt..to go with the existing
material..."hey it passed QC,when we made it"......the road to new and more
modern transfers is there but it is still being charted and until the PUBLIC
DEMANDS higher quality, and the STUDIOS "CARE" about more then the "Bottom
Line" only those who are allowed by contract to be involved in the
distribution of their creative endeavor will be allowed to take the time and
spend the money for us to enjoy the "Artisitc"as well as technical aspects of
the work..............*)O(* bls

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