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The Year 2000 and Beyond

Rod Sommerich wrote:

On Thursday, Dec 24, 1998 Rod wrote to the TIG with his computer set to Wed, Dec
24, 2025.  Yes, the year 27 years from now and truly in the next millennium.
Rob's TIG software does not trap this date and for the next 27 years Rod your
message will be at the top of my mail archive.  This is similar to a message
that was sent by Martin Greenwood of Pandora a few years ago to see if we were
all Y2K set.  Yes it sat at the top of the mail archive for a long time before
being erased.  His was dated in the year 2000.

I know that you did this on purpose to see if we were ready for the next century
of messages.  If Rod's message is not at the top of your email achieve then I
guess  you are not set for the future.  This is being displayed on Netscape Mail
program on my computer.

No complaint meant....it is interesting that this date gets through the system.

Best Regards For the New Year of 1999 and the Year 2025.  By the way the next
century does not start until January 1, 2001.  Not the year 2000 as many of even
the network and local stations are saying on the air.


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