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Seasons Greeting to everyone,

This is my first mailing on the TIG after being a member for about a
year. I find the site very informative and interesting. 

I am seeking to find out what level of salary a junior colourist would
command in the U.K. I am due for my yearly revue in the new year and it
would be of some use to be aware in a very general way, what range of
salary is reasonably fair for the position I am in. I do work outside of
London and am acutely aware that this fact will have an affect on what I
could expect. I need not mention the salary that I am on at the moment
but I will say that I know it is currently very low for a reasonably
skilled telecine operator. 

Currently most of my work involves transferring often rare and important
Archival film. I do best light passes onto 2 beta machines with lay off
to vhs machines, that are also my responsibity to load and look after.
My colleague is in the same position as me and we both look after the TK
department ourselves. Both of us have been trained on a Bosch FDL 60
telecine and have been doing transfer work for over a year now. 

Right, I guess it's time to stop waffling! I would appreciate any
general information that you may be able to provide that can help me
measure in some way what is fair (UK'wise) for the position I hold.

Many thanks,

Wishing you all a Happy Christmas and New Year.


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