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Re: Re: telecine-announce Digest

	I usually try to post telecine related SMPTE and ITS meeting
announcements on the TIG for the NYC area. In the past year we have had SMPTE
meetings on the current state of the art in telecine with Cintel, Philips and
Sony presenting their approaches, an ITS meeting on color space conversion
issues sponsored by SGI and Discreet Logic and other  topics (film cleaners,
etc) in the past. If there are particular topics of interest I'd be happy to
pass them along to the NY section SMPTE managers or NY ITS. NYC SMPTE meetings
are also posted on the web site www.mte.com/nysmpte .

On Dec 28, 12:30am, Robert Lund wrote:
> Subject: [TIG] Re: telecine-announce Digest
> I subscribe to the Telecine-announce mail-list as well as TIG. Practically
> of the event announcements posted there seem to take place in the L.A. area.
> I'm wondering if there is an East Coast version of that announce list, or is
> L.A. the only place which publicizes such things on this list?

>-- End of excerpt from Robert Lund

Rich Torpey

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