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RE: The Year 2000 and Beyond

	>On Thursday, Dec 24, 1998 Rod wrote to the TIG with his computer 
	>set to Wed, Dec 24, 2025.
	 >If Rod's message is not at the top of your email achieve then I
	>guess  you are not set for the future. 

But my MS Outlook received it on Dec 24 1998, and that's where it sits in my
date-sorted archive.  At home, Eudora just recognises one date, not sure
what one, but Rod's message still firmly belongs to now, not 2025.
Don't know what this means for Y2K compliance. No need to panic, I guess.

	>By the way the next century does not start until January 1, 2001.

I wondered when this discussion would start.  Go ask a few people when the
party will be. Sorry if you miss it by turning up a year late.   

It seems to me that the significant event is the tick-over to 2 in the
thousands column, which will indeed occur in Jan 1, 2000.   If that means
that the first millenium was, anomalously, 999 years long, then so be it.
The calendar has been messed around with enough in the past 2000-ish years
to make any count of years pretty imprecise anyway.

  Dominic Case
  Atlab Australia
  email:  cased at atlab.com.au

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