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Re: legacy transfers

Jeff Kreines wrote:
> Rob, Phil:
> I got this from my friend Mark Rance, explaining the problem with the DVD
> of "Spinal Tap."

> The complaints about DVD and by extension laserdisc generated by a search
> for perfection often ignore the very real general failure industry-wide
> to presevrve films. Please keep in mind that, at least at Criterion,
> much work went into acquiiring the best materials, and often those
> searches end up with inferior (to imaginary, and no longer in extistence
> original) elements.
> Mark

My criticism of the lack of good transfers was by no means an indictment of
Criterion, which has done some excellent work.  I'm also well aware of the
fact that many factors are involved in deciding whether or not to do a new
transfer for DVD, the primary one being money, but availability of film
elements and just plain politics also play a part.

This is professionals group and of course we are going to be a little more
critical of quality issues than the average consumer, especially when it
involves the quality of film transfers.  Overall I would have to say that DVD
is a great leap forward for home video.  The resolution is far superior to
VHS, and at least equal to laser disc, at a much more affordable price. 
Anytime you increase resolution, you also make the problems with the film
elements and the transfers more obvious.  My hope is that new home video
formats like DVD will create a new awareness with the public on the finer
details of film production, and create a greater demand for quality.  A small
group like us is easy to ignore, but when the average consumer starts to to
notice some of the the things that we've been aware of for awhile, and starts
to demand better quality, things will start to change.

Happy 1999,

Phil Voss

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