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Re: Color in 'digital cinema' projection

Christopher Bacon writes:

> In other words, it was suggested that transfers should be done on the types
> of display devices they will be shown on.  While it wasn't mentioned in the
> paper, this has some serious implications for video outside of digital
> cinema, and sorting them out could give many of us something to look forward
> to in old age. [...]

Due to the rather rapid rate of change in display technology, I see this
situation as one that will be unstable for a while yet.

Perhaps we can aim for a film-to-digital transfer process which attempts
to capture *all* the available information on the film. This means alot
of data -- no lossy compression, hi res, lots of bits per pixel --
perhaps cineon DPX format. But then "retransfers" to specific target
devices/media could be done strictly as a digital process on
workstations. Precision optics and mechanics will always be expensive;
it seems economics must favor running a super-duper transfer just once
then reprocessing digitally for as many decades as an audience remains.


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