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Re: Color in 'digital cinema' projection

	Do you think DMD digital projectors is the way to go ? There is not
such a difference between  these and CRTs, I believe we could grade for
TV and cinema using these projectors if theatres use DMD.  
	Back to colorspace issues: Would you think that getting all the color
depth of film is more of a telecine problem than a projector one ? How
could we get some technical data about the ability of telecines (or
datacines) and projectors to reproduce color ? 
Best regards

> In other words, it was suggested that transfers should be done on the
> of display devices they will be shown on. (...)There are already
quite a few types displays besides CRTs
> available, which all have different characteristics.  Unfortunately,
no way
> exists to know  what type of display each viewer will have in the

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