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Re: legacy transfers

<<  Overall I would have to say that DVD
is a great leap forward for home video.  The resolution is far superior to
VHS, and at least equal to laser disc, at a much more affordable price. >>

Is it? I did an A/B comparison on a friends system ( Granted it was his home
system) of "American Grafitti. I thought that even though the DVD looked
and had probably been retransfered and re-timed, I felt that there was more
detail in the Laser disk version. Am I alone here?

Steven Gladstone

no, I also did a very unscientific comparison of Blade Runner on DVD vs.
Laser Disc on my home system. The transfer was definitely better, but I did
not think DVD was miles above LD. VHS yes, but not LD.

CB Gaines, colorist
Monaco Video, San Francisco
CB-Gaines at usa.net

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