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Re: legacy transfers

CB Gaines wrote:

 I also did a very unscientific comparison of Blade Runner on DVD vs.
> Laser Disc on my home system. The transfer was definitely better, but I did
> not think DVD was miles above LD. VHS yes, but not LD.

Come on guys, read what I said.  I said DVD is equal to laser disc and a whole
lot cheaper.  I never said it was better.  The quality of DVD varies a little
more than Laser disc, largely due to the amount of a material that is fit onto
a disc (i.e. bit rate), the type of equipment it was encoded on and the skill
of the compressionist.  There are some DVD's that look better than the same
laser disc, and some that look worse.  Overall they are about equal, and DVD
is improving all the time.  Most laser disc enthusiasts I know are happily
jumping on the DVD bandwagon.  At last the average consumer can afford quality
home theater.

Phil Voss

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