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16mm to computer res equivalents

Hey All-
Diverging into the ties of the digital to filmic worlds I was wondering
if anybody knew the resolution equivalents of 16mm to computer
resolutions (1024x768 etc.)
And while were at it 35mm.  I believe 35mm when doing film recording is
about 2000 lines vertical for non-high end work but curious if anybody's
got actual figures out there.  I've been playing around with film to
digital and back again with pretty good success with an animation camera
/hi-res monitor and 16mm.  If you're creating an image strictly from a
computer with a flint/flame or aftereffects you can do it in any
resolution up to what the monitor can handle however when inputting from
video, affecting it and shooting back again in digital I'm limited to
640x480.  Are there any formats NTSC that handle video at better than
640x480.  I heard a rumor that digibeta is 768x480 which seemed odd but
if anybody's got the time to spread a little insight into this I'd
appreciate it.  Would a SPIRIT work as a "cheap-rental" film scanner
going directly to a data drive for manipulation and reshooting?  If so
can it do this in real-time or is that still in the future.  Being a
telecine operator is great until you realize that to get into a chair in
a small city you have to wait for someone to die or retire elsewhere.
Kind of like the fry guy phenomenon

thanx in advance-
Skot Kuiper
Chair less

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