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Re: legacy transfers

><<  Overall I would have to say that DVD
>is a great leap forward for home video.  The resolution is far superior to
>VHS, and at least equal to laser disc, at a much more affordable price. >>
>Is it? I did an A/B comparison on a friends system ( Granted it was his home
>system) of "American Grafitti. I thought that even though the DVD looked
>and had probably been retransfered and re-timed, I felt that there was more
>detail in the Laser disk version. Am I alone here?
>Steven Gladstone

How were you connected to the display device?  If you were not using the
Y/Pb/Pr component outputs of the DVD you are not utilizing the full 4:2:2
capability of the format.  Clearly, DVD wins compared to any composite
system such as Laser Disc and is miles ahead of any bandwidth limited color
under system such as VHS or U-Matic. If the DVD was connected via it's
composite output you will lose a good deal of the detail in the color and
contaminate the signal with NTSC encoding artifacts.  Unfortunately, since
some DVDs are mastered from old D-2 master tapes, the encoding artifacts
will be frozen in to the new distribution copy.  Those are the DVDs that
betray the promise of DVD.

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