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Re: Re: legacy transfers

In a message dated 12/30/1998 13:50:05, you wrote:

<<How were you connected to the display device?  If you were not using the
Y/Pb/Pr component outputs of the DVD you are not utilizing the full 4:2:2
capability of the format.  Clearly, DVD wins compared to any composite
system such as Laser Disc and is miles ahead of any bandwidth limited color
under system such as VHS or U-Matic.>>

I will  check.  Is the "Y/pb/Pr" what is commonly reffered to as the "S-video"
plug? This was done as I said on my friends home tV. . The detail I felt was
absent, was eg - in Ron Howards shirt. Flipping back and forth I could easily
see more detail ( More of the pattern printed on the shirt) from the laser
disk, that I could on the DVD copy. I wonder if this is more a function of
MPEG (MPEG2?) Compression. My friend raved about the DVD, and I did like the
look, I liked the "Timming" of the DVD. Granted I only watched a few minutes
of the DVD/Laser Disk for comparison.

I don't know that DVD is automatically Better than VHS. Just because it is
DVD. After watching part of "Stargate" on a BIG ( really Big) screen T.V., I
enjoyed it much better on my home twenty something inch TV from about 25 feet
away on a vhs rental. I think a lot of the quality, again, comes from the
transfer to the medium, as well as the display interface. My Television is
about 5 years old, it doesn't have the S-video or the Y/Pb/Pr component input,
so that means I have to watch all inputed signals through the RCA jacks. Would
VHS look better if the signal was fed straight from "S-video to S-video"
conector withought it having to be combined, and then reseparated? I'm not
bashing DVD, I'm just not yet sold on it's being inherently better than
anything else out there.

Steven Gladstone
N.Y. based Cinematographer ( at large - and much larger after the holiday
season eating frenzy) 

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