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Re: Color in 'digital cinema' projection

Hi JC,

> Do you think DMD digital projectors is the way to go ? There is not
>such a difference between  these and CRTs, I believe we could grade for
>TV and cinema using these projectors if theatres use DMD.

There are a number of good digital projectors out there, and who is to say
what may emerge in the future?  Of what I've seen, the DMD and the
Hughes/JVC light amplifier projectors seem to hold the most promise for
digital cinema at the present time.

Many of the digital projectors currently in production are designed to be
CRT-like (i.e. similar gamma, contrast and brightness ranges, and color
response) to make them compatible with video systems, but there is no
intrinsic reason why a digital cinema projector needs to be built that way,
or would be.  Aside from that, video is normally viewed on a small screen in
a room where there is (or should be) some ambient light, while film is
viewed on a big screen in a space that is usually otherwise dark.

> Back to colorspace issues: Would you think that getting all the color
>depth of film is more of a telecine problem than a projector one ? How
>could we get some technical data about the ability of telecines (or
>datacines) and projectors to reproduce color ?

The only thing my crystal ball ever says is "Greetings From Atlantic City,"
so I don't have any better idea of what's coming down the road than anybody
else, but I don't see any technological limitations that would make it
impossible to electronically capture and then project all the full range of
imagery on film.   It would have to be done as data, not video, and it is
probably beyond anything economically feasible today, but I think it will
eventually happen.   The manufacturers of current telecines and projectors
will all tell you (in colorful terms) just how great their products are, and
throw all sorts of numbers, charts, and white papers at you to prove their
points.  But to me this is a bit misleading since they are all measured by,
and conform to (more or less) the same video standards, which tell you
nothing about the subjective ability of a particular piece of equipment to
reproduce color.

Best regards,
Christopher Bacon

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