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Re: 16mm to computer res equivalents

Skot writes:
>If you're creating an image strictly from a
>computer with a flint/flame or aftereffects you can do it in any
>resolution up to what the monitor can handle

Flint, Flame, Illusion and even After Effects for that matter - any
computer program that is resolution independent - can handle any
resolutions NO MATTER WHAT the monitor resolution. It just means that if
you work at a res above the monitor, you either don't see the whole image
as you work on it or the size of the image must be compressed for viewing
purposes only to see the whole thing on the monitor.

>however when inputting from
>video, affecting it and shooting back again in digital I'm limited to
>640x480.  Are there any formats NTSC that handle video at better than

640x480 is NOT the standard video size. It is based on certain
consumer/prosumer video cards. Avids back before about two years ago are
like this as are some low level current video applications.

>I heard a rumor that digibeta is 768x480 which seemed odd but
>if anybody's got the time to spread a little insight into this I'd
>appreciate it.

DigiBeta - as well as most professional digital video applications -
conform to the ITU-601 or CCIR-601 video standards. That resolution is
about what you state. I thought it was 720x486, but it's in there
somewhere. That is the resolution that most professional video products,
like current Avid gear work at. For more on these standards, Quantel has a
few great little reference books that they give out for free with all the
standards. The books are a little "Quantel-centric" but are useful

-Steve Hullfish
 Del Hall Video

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