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Re: PC-card NTSC CG and keyer?

On Mon, 4 Jan 1999 15:26:28 -0800, you wrote:
>I'm looking for a low-cost card (ISA or PCI, for a PC) or a 1 RU external 
>unit w/ RS232 or RS422 serial link to a PC that will accept a short text 
>string from the PC and key it over NTSC composite. Essentially, I need to 
>burn a short 8 character string over video.  Monitoring-quality is 
>okay--not for broadcast.
At about $350 street price, the new Videonics Personal Title Maker works
great for stuff like this. Self contained, the size of a small keyboard
with video and S-video in/out and a wall wart. 

Nothing fancy, but several fonts (not anti-aliased or anything) and some
effects. Check it out at http://www.videonics.com/PRODUCTS/PTM/

I've had one for about two weeks now, and use it on film shoots to slate
shots while I do previz compositing. Works great for what it is. Available
from B&H in New York (800-947-1175) and many other places.

I don't work for or get any compensation from Videonics, etc, etc., and
their stuff is mostly low end crap, but this works fine for what it is.


Bob Kertesz
BlueScreen LLC

The Ultimate in ULTIMATTE compositing.  
For details, visit http://www.bluescreen.com

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