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help to Hungary?

the following was posted to the guestbook, if you have any helpful
hints please send them to the address noted, thanks.


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Hello, I'm Sandor Kis. I'm working for the Hungarian Television and
we've got a new Philips Quadra Vision. It's controlled by a da Vinci
Lite telecine programmer. Our problem with the telecine is the
following: on the dark picture areas a pattern visible and its level
are changing depending on the zooming position. It seems like a dense,
thin vertical lines. In some zoom position this pattern is
disappair. Is there anybody, who has ever seen something similar? Is
there any solution for this problem?  Sandor Kis
<kismtv at freemail.c3.hu> - Sunday, January 03, 1999 at 15:24:05 (CST)


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