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DVD X-fers

After a year or so of doing color negative and print transfers for DVD
release, American Zoetrope has now received a request for a transfer
from B/W negative.

Does anyone have experience in the technical aspects of this? 
Specifically, in the past, we've left our Quadra in color mode when
working with B/W print or negative for aesthetic reasons.  Our colorist
prefers working in color mode so that he has some flexibility in the
overall look and feel of the transfer, but I'm wondering if there's a
technical aspect of this we may not be aware of.  For DVD, is there any
reason we should put the Quadra into monochrome (so that we're sending
only Y-channel information to the DigiBeta)?  We transfer via serial

Also, we've worked with a particular compressionist who prefers that we
do no noise reduction during the transfer.  He performs the noise
reduction on an outboard unit during the compression stage so that he
can maintain control over bit rate (balancing MPEG compression rate
against noise reduction amount, etc.)  Has a rule of thumb been
established for colorists regarding noise reduction when transferring
for DVD?

Robert Knox
American Zoetrope

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