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Re: Matching VGA to telecine monitors

On Jan 7,  4:57, Kay Sievert wrote:
} Subject: [TIG] Matching VGA to telecine monitors

> With the advent of new network based frame stores, we're coming
> to a point where the cinematographer could upload stills from the set
> via modem into the telecine suite for reference.

I've been doing this for the past year, in a slightly different
manner-- saving stills from my transfers to per-client
password-protected directories on the internet, such that the client
and his/her clients can see stills of their scenes from wherever they

> The only problem with that is to match what the DP sees on his/her
> VGA monitor or laptop to a properly setup telecine monitor. 

My initial concern over the file translations and display or print
characteristics for representative stills has been mitigated by the
client's understanding (forgiving) of the process.  I've also been
quite surprised to see that a color printer generates output not
unfaithful to the original... probably we've just been lucky. 

I'm not sure how stills would be representative going the other
direction-- from set to telecine-- what is the capture medium, CCD
still camera?  For many sessions the resulting stills would be
useful, but for others, are they representative of the Director/DP's
tastes for transfer?  Perhaps the DP will need a color correction
module in his/her laptop before shipping the file.

FWC Dallas

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