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Re: Matching VGA to telecine monitors

On 1/6/99 Rob Lingelbach wrote:

>I'm not sure how stills would be representative going the other
>direction-- from set to telecine-- what is the capture medium, CCD
>still camera?  For many sessions the resulting stills would be
>useful, but for others, are they representative of the Director/DP's
>tastes for transfer?  Perhaps the DP will need a color correction
>module in his/her laptop before shipping the file.

I just saw this program the other day that offers real time color
correction for your computer. It's a Mac program but they might offer a PC
version. If not, I'm sure someone else does:-)


As to monitor set up, the Mac has ColorSync that I believe they are making
cross-platform, Pantone makes color matching software, and I think Kodak
does also, although I'm not 100% sure of that.


"Nothing left to do but :-)  :-)  :-)"

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