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Re: Matching VGA to telecine monitors

>With the advent of new network based frame stores, we're coming
>to a point where the cinematographer could upload stills from the set
>via modem into the telecine suite for reference.
>The only problem with that is to match what the DP sees on his/her VGA monitor
>or laptop to a properly setup telecine monitor.

Panavision and Kodak have developed a computer based system that uses a
digital camera that allows the DP to take a shot of a setup and download
the frame into a laptop and then he can change film stocks, filters,
exposures, speeds and see the results right in front of him. Stills can be
saved or printed and sent on to telecine. The system is not inexpensive and
has been used primarily on features. If anyone is interested they can
contact Nolan Murdock at Panavision in Woodland Hills (818/316-1000) for
more information.

-Michael Walker
Director, Longform Editorial
Todd-AO Hollywood Digital

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