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Re: The Year 2000 and Beyond

On Dec 27,  1:58, BILL HOGAN wrote:
} Subject: [TIG] The Year 2000 and Beyond

> On Thursday, Dec 24, 1998 Rod wrote to the TIG with his computer set
> to Wed, Dec 24, 2025.  Yes, the year 27 years from now and truly in
> the next millennium.  Rob's TIG software does not trap this date and
> for the next 27 years Rod your message will be at the top of my mail

sorry for the late response, just catching up on some of the mail I
received while I was away (about 800 messages).

The TIG mailinglist programs (SmartList/procmail/exim packages) don't
rewrite headers unless there's a good reason (this is considered
"well-behaved").  However, they do add a "Resent-Date:" header that
includes the proper date and time, to the very exact second (using
ntp), and a full-featured mail client should allow you to configure a
sorting of your mailbox based on any particular header.
(incidentally, that could be a "Resentment-of-Date:" header in this

The TIG archives show Rod's message at the proper place in time, as
they use the "Resent-Date:" header for date sorting.

> This is similar to a message that was sent by Martin
> Greenwood of Pandora a few years ago to see if we were all Y2K set.
> Yes it sat at the top of the mail archive for a long time before
> being erased.  His was dated in the year 2000.

Martin and Rod are ahead of their time, in this and in showing us the
consequences of preparation.

I'm considering, seriously, 1) staying home next New Year's Eve so I
can start to sort out the mess, if there's any power with which to do
so; 2) going away, but not so far that I can't get home via bicycle.

> next century does not start until January 1, 2001.  Not the year
> 2000 as many of even the network and local stations are saying on
> the air.

true.  But of course the millenium bug hits in some 358 days.

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