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Re: Matching VGA to telecine monitors

To clarify posting from "Chinook" <dradford at concentric.net>.

Gamma & Density Co. has indeed developed (and applied for patent a few
years ago)  the system,which is  based on G&D gray scales. The system
permits to customize “raw” image from any  digital input according to
special profiles for various labs, lenses, stocks, kind of processing,

This system is based around the use of specifically calibrated monitors
on the set and in telecine suite or color master room.

As a part of the system G&D developed software for VGA monitor
calibration according to custom specs for any kind of video monitors,
projection screens, etc. It was demonstrated on the “Monitor’s Color
Calibration” seminar organized in LA by Digital Image Transfer Society
(DFITS) last year.

The system,  called  Color Correction Control Post ™ (C.C.C.P. ™) is a 
combination of proprietary software and hardware to be used  first on
the set for color and contrast correction by DP, and then to relay this
correction in the form of waveform, vectorscope information and other
data via internet or disk to post house.

This system brings VGA , Telecine monitors and the silver screen
together in an immediate comparable form.

Color Correction Control Post ™ (C.C.C.P. ™)is   currently in the stage
of beta -testing and can be demonstrated to tele-cine colorists, DP and
others interested professionals.

You can reach us at 818-505-1321 or 323-960-7575.


Philip Kotter, Gamma & Density 

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