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time code starts for feature film grading

Feature Film grading. Not all facilities do it. Some do a little, some do a
lot. Often it depends on the health of the feature film industry in
individual countries/company. My point? Are those facilities that do a fair
amount of this type of work interested in standardising some of the
(simple?) processes, such as time code start points?

FSM (Sydney) grades a good amount of feature films. The art is in the
grading, the complexity is in getting it to tape.

For instance. Our standard start time is 00:01:30:00. - 1 minute of colour
bars, 15 sec ID board, 5 seconds black, countdown and program start. Simple.

For feature films, especially for international delivery, everything
changes. The UK, some want programme to start at 10:00:00:00, the USA -
sometimes it's 01:03:00:00. Nothing is standard.

Then introduce sound. DA 88, PCM 800, Stereo with M&E's. Some of our sound
facilities in Australia set up each film spool so that Picture Start falles
on 01:00:00:00 for reel 1, 02:00:00:00 for spool 2 etc. If you don't conform
to their standard, then it's "offset heaven". Join the spools together -
then the fun begins. Sometimes, the sound has the 00:01:30:00 start I
mentioned earlier.

So, there are ways to attempt solving this. Interested?

Best Regards.  Rick Schweikert - FSM

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