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'tweaker award'

The 'Tweaker Award' has become an important part of the NAB Fun Night
and TIG lore for each of the past 4 years or so.  Normally news about
this award, sponsored by a manufacturer, would be posted on the
telecine-announce list but there is currently some controversy about
what and whom the award are for.  With that in mind I need to allow
Nan of Options to post the following to the main TIG... and I'd like
to point out that 1) I think Stuart Hunt is a demigod of telecine and
his work certainly deserves the highest accolades 2) the Tweaker Award
was created to honor those who go far in our field in ways other than
the technical.. in other words, this is more of a humanitarian prize.

----forwarded from Options Intl.

We at Options would like to take a brief moment to thank all of you
who have already responded to a posting we placed in the Announce
Digest on Friday of last week.  The posting was regarding a requested
debate on who should be considered as a nominees for The Tweaker '99

As we said on Friday... "originally, The Tweaker was created to give
deserved recognition to the clients and facilities within the telecine
industry... who have exhibited leadership, concern for the industry,
and a willingness to "go the extra mile" within the telecine realm.
The objective was not to highlight any manufacturers or distributors,
but those of you "in the trenches"."

To clarify...  the original intent of The Tweaker (formerly the Nerdie
Award) was not to honor those for technical merit... as much as it was
for those who go above-and-beyond the call of duty on a day-to-day
basis.  The unsung heros were the target of our appreciation.

So, again, thank you very much for your voting and your thoughts.  We
look forward to the continued discussion and as we said before, the
majority will rule at the end of the day.  We will be sure to let you
know the outcome of the debate... and please remember that the planned
deadline for these discussions is Friday, January 15.

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