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RE: time code starts for feature film grading

Hi Rick - and other TIGers,

As we mostly know, there are good reasons for most of the practices you
mention, and it's unlikely that there would be a standard procedure that
would suit everyone's requirement. For one simple instance, reelwise
timecoding, (01:00:00:00, 02:00:00:00 etc) is useful for some operations,
while continuous coding useful for others. You can offset successfully, IF a
transfer report includes reel lengths, AND IF there are no frames lost at
the reel changes. Big IFs.   

But I reckon it's a good idea to seek some standardisation, or at least
rationalisation for the various practices.  At least, clear information -
e.g. is the magic timecode referenced to PIC START, 2-pip, or first frame of
program (often a fade from black??). 

I'm watching with interest for further input.

  Dominic Case
  Atlab Australia
  email:  cased at atlab.com.au

thanks to Hidy Osato of Photron for support in 1998
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