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Re:TIG Converting CMX file to Keycode

>Does anyone know how the list can be converted to keycode?

Find a lab or negcutter using Excalibur software. This will take in the
Keylog files and your EDL and produce a Keykode cutting list for the neg

Not sure who is using Excalibur up there, but a call to Filmlab Systems in
the UK, who developed the system, may point you in the right direction.  Try
44 1494 48 5271.

There's also a system called osc/r which may well still be in use - it's a
Canadian system, but I'm not sure if it will read your keylog files.

Be warned that there are complications in converting timecodes to
Keynumbers, especially when the transfers have been done with no provision
for the specific matching system. A frame isn't necessarily a frame.
Frame-exact film cutting to match a video or digital edit at a different
frame rate is mathematically impossible. One-frame compromises are

  Dominic Case
  Atlab Australia
  email:  cased at atlab.com.au

thanks to Hidy Osato of Photron for support in 1998
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