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Bonjour Dominic , nice to read from you.

What I like most about the TIG is to see other people
going through the same problems as we do .
Date: 99/01/11 18:29
From: Case, Dominic

  You can offset successfully, IF a
transfer report includes reel lengths, AND IF there are no frames lost at
the reel changes. Big IFs.

You bet they are. We recently found ourselves in a situation where we had to
do a lot of masters from feature film where sound was coming on 8mm time code
based on 2000' off line and picture was film in 1000'  transfer to D1. Sound being mixed
while film was transferred, or sometime after film was transferred,  we began by transferring in separate rolls MOS with Academy leader and the colorist would  assemble the A and B film roll only.
Our sound technician would the stripe mix and M&E using the  2sec mark and beep as reference
. We would then assemble a master tape in editing by joining all rolls together. Many steps,
but that's how we got around the "IF's " you mentionned

Then sound mix began to arrive so late we had to do the assembly before the sound stripping.
In order to still keep the 2sec beep as a reference, the editor started to insert an audio beep
2 second before each rolls after he had finished joining the rolls together. By the giving the
edit list to the sound tech, she was able to quickly verify that all the sound roll's beeps
where at the right place before stripping the sound.
It all worked fine , except the time when the editor inserted the beep exactly 2 sec. after
joining the rolls of a 25FPS PAL transfer :-)

We recently started to join all film rolls at the transfer and then stripe the sound after
by using the list of time codes indicating where the rolls where joined together.

Not having the beep to make sure the mix has been stripped exactly at the right place
is uncomfortable, but I guess you get used to it !

Any comments ?

Michel Lapointe.

thanks to Hidy Osato of Photron for support in 1998
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