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more on secert base mems

A while ago JC Soret asked about base mems with a Spirit when transferring
to Inferno.  Well what about the size issue?  I have been trying for a week
now to get the size that is shot back by our Solitaire to be exactly what
was on the original neg.
This means that we have to scan the whole image at the data transfer and
there is no preset size.  A base mem is set up for this which was fine tuned
using the o/p of Inferno to see what you are doing.  What a mission!
Have any of you been through the same and what results have you had?  Have
you tried different image resolutions?  At the moment we are at 1828x1332.
One of the main problems that I have is that the Solitaire is set up
perfectly using it's internal test pattern, this is also measured using a
microscope to 3 decimal places using the SMPTE sizes, but going back to the
Spirit, it  does not scan the one edge even with blanking turned all the way
out.  Mind you the Ursa Golds cut off even more.  
I guess this problem will only become an issue if you have to shoot back and
match to original neg.  What have the rest of the data transferring
community found?

Ivor Westpfahl
The Video Lab
South Africa
27 11 886 4141

thanks to Hidy Osato of Photron for support in 1998
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