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Things not to loose sleep over

Here's a few things to consider and wonder how they affect telecine and post
production :

1. If that judge in Florida has a problem with people receiving distant TV
station via DSS/DTH (satellite) what do you think she'd do if she found out
that many stations have their programming available on the Internet? 

2. If NTSC has a frame rate of 29.97 due to the fact that it is tied to the
3.579545 MHz. subcarrier and much of the new equipment used in digital
television (ATSC) is synced using black burst from old NTSC sync generators,
does that mean that the 24, 30 and 60 frames of ATSC are really something
other that what they are advertised to be?

3. How does an editor deal with edit decision lists that come from each of the
frame rates in ATSC?

4. Is the hum on the telephone system in the SMPTE offices in New York also
one of their standards?

5. Why does Joel Brinkley give credit to General Instruments for coming up
with digital television when Dr. Wen Chen of Compression Labs, in Silicon
Valley, had developed it and the Discrete Cosine Transform some time before GI

6. Using such compression techniques, such as statistical multiplexing, how
many reasonably good program channels can they cram into 6 MHz. 

7. Why do broadcasters want multichannel television when they can't properly
manage the levels, etc., on the one they have?

8. Why are broadcasters going though all the trouble of transmitting super
high resolution pictures with over 2 million pixels in some cases only to have
it all down converted by TV set manufacturers to less than half that and from
1080 scan lines to 480 on their displays?

9. And there are more questions..


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