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I'm a little sketchy on posting directly to the TIGpage, so I'm gonna try to
float this one out semi-privately...just so everyone in the space-time
continuum isn't burdened.
Occasionally, I get a one-frame discrepancy between the Keykode reader
display on our TLC (in the B_Film Row, of course), and what is, and proves
out to be the correct footage kode frame being output from our Evertz 4025.
Its difficult to pin down the whole circumstance that is contributing to
this error, since I'll cruise down Lab roll after roll, and one camera roll
will start to "do it"... I reset the frame offset on the TLC after I confirm
that, yes, the 4025 is right (resetting the footage to zero and re-playing
to re-lock the perf phase -- happens in all gauges), and then occasionally
get a "Keykode Splice" right away, but usually not.  
     Now I'm thinkin' ...   the frame boundary/barkode phase relationship
must be just enough out of kilter to fool one system but not the other.
Could it be that the scan patch travel is just far enough one way on the
tube to be ambiguous?  Is it possible that the barkode is printed a
miniscule amount out of phase with the perf?  Can a loading error in which
the pulldown is inexact contribute to "re-perfing" or enlarging the existing
     Inquiring minds want to know...   By the way the telecine is a regular
URSA with a MetaSpeed digital servo.  The keykode readers are situated about
2 feet upstream of the gate.  The 4025 operates off the quad tach for frame
update, and the TLC apparently operates off the entrance tach on the gates
for frame update. 
     I love mysteries, or scripts with some of the pages missing.
Gotta say that I have heard that line about improving the shot by reshooting

or is there a thread on this somewhere?
Joe Owens
Studio Post
Edmonton Alta Can
(403) 438-8510 

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