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MNR11 set up

If you don't use MNR11 just hit delete.

I almost made that line my subject line. I've moved from dailies work to
transferring prints and have moved into the mysterious world of dirt

My question is "What settings do you find work best for you?"

We tend to use Dirt Level 7 or zero. Basically on or off.
Then Size from 6 - 8 and Rate from 3 -4.
Even our "low" setting 7-6-3 produces undesirable artifacts in fast moving
subjects and pans. And don't even get me started on vertical lines in
backgrounds like walls and doors.

Also, how about the Contour setting? We tend to leave it set at 30% all the
time. Down for a little softer look, up to help with out of focus shots.
Does this induce even more artifacts or grain problems for you?

Trying to keep it short and sweet.

CB Gaines, colorist
Monaco Video, San Francisco
CB-Gaines at inreach.com

thanks to Rod Wayne and San Lab for support in 1999
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