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Betr.: MNR11 set up

     Hi CB,
     it is obvious that you'll have visible artifacts acording to the way 
     you are using the MNR 11. A general rule with these tools should be: 
     "As low as possible, not more than necessary."
     If you pull up the level of the dirt filter to 7, that's maximum and 
     will only help on static shots. Please consider that the Dirt- and 
     Scratchfilters of the MNR 11 differ between Dirt Detection and Dirt 
     Concealment. First set exactly the appearance of the Dirt in your 
     material according to the menues and notice that the parameter Size is 
     not only the height and width of the dirt, but also the figure: 
     Vertical, horizontal or planar. If you are transferring prints, the 
     dirt appears dark, so you have to set the detector to black. After 
     selecting this and the rate of appearance switch over to concealment 
     and raise the level just as much as necessary (maybe 3 or 4). Accept 
     some remainder of dirt or play around with transversal or median 
     filters for completement. Sometimes it is better to leave some dirt in 
     the video image, it looks better and more genuine than electronical 
     disturbances according to overdone corrections.
     Concerning your aperture correction: Which telecine controller are you 
     using? Watch and compare the values with the local control panel of 
     the MNR 11, what happens if you play around with the percentage 
     parameter. 50 % could be neutral, below 50 % it is softening and only 
     values over 50 % are contour enhancement (you can do negative and 
     positive aperture correction with the MNR 11). Start from neutral in 
     your telecine suite, set the H:V relation to 1:1, select Linear and 
     set the peaking frequency to 5 MHz. You are transferring prints, so I 
     don't think that it will be necessary to soften them, as they are 
     already the 4th generation (3rd copy: Neg - IP - INeg - Print), but 
     you will need contour enhancement. If used carefully (about 10 % over 
     your neutral value) it shouldn't introduce artifacts.
     Don't let electronic grain filters and contour enhancement play aginst 
     each other. Maybe check CRT and gate focus and use telecine's aperture 
     correction upstream, this could also help to detect and conceal the 
     dirt even better.
     I hope this helps a little bit on your efforts!
     Best regards
     Stefan Sedlmeier

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