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Re: Joe Bond Retirement Party

Malcolm Todd wrote:

> dave at postperfect.com wrote:
> >      Trivia Question: Who did the first ever scene by scene film to tape
> >                       color correction?
> >      Answer:          Joe Bond, January 1970 at Teletronics here in NYC.
> >
> Using what equipment, purely out of interest?

The system which prompted the design of the computer system refered to in my
earlier message was an earlier custom-built unit.

An assistant would clip small metal tabs at each color-mix transition frame on
the film. When doing the transfer, these would trigger a switch which
sequenced through a number of "stored" mixes as indicated by a series of
thumbwheel dials (0-9); these selections would in turn kick in any one of ten
banks of potentiometers containing the desired parameters. Thus, the number of
thumbwheels would determine the maximum number of transitions (I forget the
number), involving up to ten different mixes set in preview by the ten sets of
pots. Core memory (even the 64k words then available) turned out to be far
more flexible, as one would expect.

thanks to Editel L.A. for support in 1999
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