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The transfer master was to a 2" V.T.R. master tape
> machine. A 60 second spot would take from 2-3 hours to transfer or the
> whole night if you had client's supervising the transfer. Back in the
> good old days at Young & Rubicam when you said you were going to
> transfer it meant you were going going and in some cases gone. 

As I was told way back then, the basic rule of thumb was a half 
plus a half for the basic team of clients (editor, copywriter, art 
director) and an additional 45:00 for each additional agency 
person/ agency client that showed up.  I remember one session, 
an automotive project-2 :30 second spots, at which about 10 clients
showed up.  The session took 8 hours, about a third of the time 
spent deciding where to order the steak and lobster lunches from.

Best of luck, Joe Bond. 

Alan R.
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