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On Jan 19, 16:41, drom at duart.com wrote:

> tatt----- rip! You would turn around, smile at the client and say excuse me 
> as you run into the other room to clean up the mess. Those were the good 
> old days.

I remember well glimpsing Dom rolling his eyes as I walked past the
telecine room at Unitel.  What we learned about client relations,
diplomacy and sleight-of-hand would serve us well later... 

My first telecine sessions were as 'vacation relief' for the colorist
at Unitel, when I worked with David Geisler on that same chain Dom
describes-- David threading and setting up while I did the color
correction.  Recorded on an RCA TR600 quad.  (Dom, whom did I
relieve-- was it Jack Baierlein, Larry Siegal, or ?)

--Rob Lingelbach
FWC Dallas

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