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Re: Joe Bond Retirement Party

Graham Collett wrote:

> > > Using what equipment, purely out of interest?
> >
>         Thats the bugger that started all the law suits flying for
> programmeable secondary colour correction.
>         Graham Collett
>         Enjoy the party Joe
>         BTW Where is Sid Sherman ? (teletronics tk eng. at the time)

"The bugger" that started all the lawsuits was Armando Belmares-Sarabia, the
Chief Engr & project leader at the time. He got me to sign away my patent
rights to Teletronics (even as he, as I found ten years later, was negotiating
with TI to license the patent for his own corp-to-be). In the 80's I was hired
as an "expert witness" by the consortium of "defendants" including Cintel,
Bosch, etc., where I testified that I hadn't considered the project
patentable, whilst Armando had asserted "if you get it through the patent
office, it's patentable"! He claimed the very process of computer-assisted
color correction was prtected by the patent (due to the clever wording he had
included). He's now in the Mexican government, with plenty of others like him,
no doubt.

I tried unsucessfully to find Sid through Yahoo's "Internet Search" to tell
him of Joe's party. I assume he's still in the Phila. area.

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