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AHHHHHHH! How I wished for a "good chain-an RCA TK 28" with plumbs ! That was
when I was doing my best to learn color balancing (setup and operation) of a
GE PE 240 and PE 245 at KERA-TV, Dallas. I must say that we usually had clean
optics and good vidicons (4 channel cameras), but I always wished to get that
"Hollywwod Look" that I saw on the commercial networks. I just could never get
the CBS Image Enhancer, and the rest of the chain to look like "The Big
Boys"...I got close sometimes, but, I just dreamed back then (1974). The I
move to Los Angeles, initially working at KCOP, and, to my amazement, they
were running TK 26's in 1977. I knew then I had made a big mistake. 

David Crosthwait

thanks to Editel L.A. for support in 1999
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