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help for telecine transfer Super8, bay area

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Subject: Question: best way to digitize Super 8?
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I would like to know if the experts in this forum could help me solve my
problem. I am a bit ashamed to have so many questions, but I am just
completely clueless when it comes to film/video. If one of you is
located in the SF Bay Area and can help me in the process I describe
below, I will gladly pay the necessary consulting and processing fees
and expenses. Lastly, I would appreciate getting a reply at my email
address <mailto: xelph at acm.org >, because I am not a member of this

Here is the problem: I have those old Super 8 movies from the late 50s,
featuring my uncle who died in the early 60s. My cousins who were born
shortly before, or after his death, never got a chance to know their
father, so I would like to offer them a DVD of those films for next
Christmas, which I am sure will really surprise them. Each film is
around 3 minutes long, I believe (I have about 50 of them, but could
start with only a few).

If I am not mistaken, these movies will become digital somewhere along
the way from Super 8 to DVD. What I would like is to be able to
reorganize the scenes, add titles, and so forth, using some software on
the Macintosh, for example. Since I am not sure about how old Super 8
films can become without damage, I also want to have them digitized with
the maximum reasonable resolution. Also, I need advice on how to best
preserve Super 8 films. Finally, these cousins live in France, where the
system is PAL/SECAM, vs. NTSC in the USA, but I do not know where, in
the transfer process, the movie becomes PAL or NTSC. I am not even sure
that this question makes sense when it comes to DVD.

So anyway, I was told that the first phase is to transfer those Super 8
films using a process known as telecine (and I am not sure whether the
"cine" part is pronounced as in "cinema" or as in "sinewave"). I was
also told that the cost is about $300 for one hour of film, and that the
output is a Betacam tape. I assume that the digitization is made from
this tape, although I am not quite sure (as I said earlier, I am a
complete novice). For example, I assume that, at this stage, I can
obtain QuickTime movies, or DVD, and so on.

I would love to hear from the experts what is the best place in the SF
Bay Area, to help me with the telecine transfer, the digitization, the
DVD encoding, and so on. I am interested in recommendations, because I
want the job to be done right the first time, and I want my original
Super 8 films to be in safe hands. They have incredibly high sentimental

Thank you so much for any answers or recommendations that you might
give. Once again, I want to pay the just price for a job well done.


JM Decombe, xelph at acm.org

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