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German Standards

Yes, I know we've been down this track before, but . . . 

Having a video master rejected  by QC because "it won't get through German
TV standards" is becoming a difficult problem from time to time. It's even
turned up for discussion on the Cinematography Mailing List as the threat of
the tech check reaches further and further up in the production sequence.
Even to the extent that telecine transfers are rejected (or there is fear
that they will be rejected) for (inter alia) film problems such as poor
focus, quality of splices, poor framing (!) as well as the more obvious
vertical blanking values, audio levels, dirt etc.

Colorists and QC people have said - "no you wouldn't see that problem, but
my meter shows something"; - or - "at normal speed it's OK but if we step
through frame by frame we can pick something - and that's why it'll be
rejected " . 

My question:  Does anyone know of a written set of specifications in this

  Dominic Case
  Atlab Australia
  email:  cased at atlab.com.au

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