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Re: 1080 at 24P HD Frame Rates

In a message dated 01/21/1999 22:30:10, you wrote:

<<Could you clear up for me what exactly the 24/1.001 or 60/1.001 frame rates
are that are mentioned in the 1080 at 24P document?

I am guessing they are 23.976 and 59.97 fps (current US telecine playback
and NTSC TV signal frame rates, respectively), but why the new method of

Guessing here that you are Correct Mark, and it is probably just a short hand
way of writing 24, 23.976, 60, 59.94  ( or 30, 29.97).
Strange way indeed I thought, but so was sitting at the New York SMPTE meeting
last night and watching 24 FPS referred to as 24 HZ.

Steven Gladstone
Brooklyn, based

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